Briefly About RFSL Kristianstad

Om ossRFSLPhoto: Eveline Johnsson

The branch was started in 1993 and has about 130 members. We work in a house on Norra Kanalgatan 2 in Kristianstad.

Here we have activities like a Saturday pub, lectures, different kinds of parties with food and film showings. Most important is to offer LGBTQ people the opportunity to meet. Heterosexuals are of course equally welcome.

RFSL Kristianstad is a non-profit and a politically independent branch that works for homosexuals’, bisexuals’, trans people’s and queers’ rights.

The branch also distributes free condoms as a part of the work with prevention against HIV and other STIs.

RFSL Kristianstad cooperates with RFSL in Malmö, Helsingborg and with Rådgivningen. RFSL Rådgivningen Skåne is an association that gives psychosocial support to LGBTQ people. Information about HIV and testing is included.

We are at Facebook where you will find information about the different activities. We’re a great group that has a lot of fun together and there’s a feeling of familiarity in the branch.