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RFSL's Fundraising Foundation supports initiatives in Sweden and the world to strengthen LGBTQ individuals' rights. Many operations and projects wouldn't be possible without the support of the general public, organisations and companies. RFSL have a lot of experience in managing and supporting projects and are reviewed by Svensk Insamlingskontroll.

You can choose how you want to make your donation

1) Text a donation to number 72 929. RFSL50 (50 SEK), RFSL100 (100 SEK), RFSL200 (200 SEK)

2) Deposit money directly at BG/PG 900408-6 or Swish your donation to 123 900 40 86.

3) Become a monthly donor! Start with your BankID or print out RFSL’s Automatic payment service form (pdf), sign and send it to us free of postage.

90 konto logga

What is the Fundraising Foundation

The RFSL Fundraising Foundation was founded to raise funds for the work for LGBTQ individual’s rights in Sweden and the world. You yourself decide how much to donate – we make sure that every Swedish crown makes a difference.

How you know that your money ends up in the right place 

RFSL’s Fundraising Foundation has a so called 90-account. That means that the organisation is overseen by Svensk Insamlingskontroll apart from the review made by RFSL’s Fundraising Foundation’s authorized accountants. Svensk Insamlingskontroll manage all seven digit Plusgiro-accounts that start with 90.

Only organisations approved by Svensk Insamlingskontroll have the right to a 90-account. For the donor, this is reassurance that the fundraising is handled responsibly and that the money end up where they’re supposed to. The rule is that at least 75 percent of the donations should be used in the core activity. A maximum of 25 percent can be used for administration.

Talk and discuss in social media

Do spread the information on how you can contribute to strengthen LGBTQ individuals’ rights. Share the url to this site or one of our projects.

Do you have a blog? We would be happy if you wrote a post about RFSL’s Fundraising Foundation and our projects. Link to and notify us and we will acknowledge your post on our website.

What does the Fundraising Foundation do?

The foundation supports initiatives in Sweden and the world to promote LGBTQ individuals’ rights. This is done by partly financing long term capacity building projects for the LGBTQ movement in different parts of the world, for example Uganda and Indonesia. Other things that the Foundation does is to contribute to building an “emergency fund” for situations where LGBTQ activists have to be hastily evacuated, get support for legal fees etc.

In Sweden the Foundation works with financing social and legal support to LGBTQ refugees and newly arrived. The Foundation also cooperates with support organisations for young LGBTQ individuals through the project hbtqkojan.

Who is behind the Foundation?

RFSL’s Fundraising Foundation was founded by RFSL’s Board of Trustees and is registered since 2013. The purpose is to raise money for the work for homosexuals’, bisexuals’ and trans people’s rights in Sweden and internationally through international development cooperations, aid, opinion forming, spreading of information and education. The Foundation follows the rules that apply to a 90-account.

How do I knew the money is used appropriately?

All decisions about distributing the money from the Foundation are made by Fundraising Foundation’s board. The Foundation follows the rules that apply to a 90-account.

Who is on the Foundation’s Board?

Helena Westin, President
Frida Sandegård, Vice President
Maria Sjödin, Board Member
Johnny Federley, Board Member
Joakim Höggren, Board Member
Pär Viktorsson Harrby, Alternate Board Member
Fredrik Nilsson, Alternate Board Member


Telephone: 08-50 162 900